For the love of flowers


Grow Girl Seattle is a small woman-owned floral design studio & flower garden in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. 

Flowers you can feel good about


Do you know where your flowers are from? Most cut flowers sold in the United States are imported from other countries, which is astounding when you consider what it takes to transport these fragile & perishable products around the world. Shopping local for your flowers significantly reduces carbon emissions, refrigeration, pesticides, preservatives, and packaging. 

At Grow Girl Seattle, we use fresh flowers & foliage grown in the Pacific Northwest - many from our own Seattle flower garden. Anything we don't grow ourselves comes from the local flower farmer's cooperative, or from our neighbors & flower friends at Ballard Urban Flowers. We love to share information on sourcing with each order so our customers can get to know flower names and local flower farms! Solidifying our commitment to sustainability, we're members of The Flowry's Bloomlist


Hi, I'm Sarah!


I was raised in Maine, in a home where there was no greater treasure than an armful of lilacs, and where a field of wild lupines always caused a slam on the breaks from my mom. Flowers make my heart melt, and they give me hope.

I started Grow Girl in 2020 when I needed hope more than ever, with just three garden beds and a driveway full of little flower pots. I'd pull a chair up and watch - the bees, the hummingbirds - so many little critters coming to visit what had once just been cement. Slowly I added on, replacing pots with beds to make a dahlia driveway and a sweet pea alley, growing dozens of snapdragons, foxgloves, lisianthus, and selling summer subscriptions of my fresh flowers.


People started wanting arrangements delivered for their friend's birthdays or engagements, for their weddings and dinner parties and baby showers, for the passing of a loved one. Suddenly I couldn't grow enough flowers in my tiny space to keep up. I gave myself permission to supplement with local flowers, buying in from flower friends & local flower farms, and its become the best of both worlds. Buying in some flowers allows me to extend my season and take some pressure off my garden, bringing more enjoyment to my gardening process, while still keeping my arrangements local. 

I love flowers, and can't wait to share ours with you!