Hey, I'm Sarah


I love growing flowers and sharing that joy with others. Over the past few years I've poured my heart into turning a cement driveway and sidewalk strip into a thriving urban garden that's become my sanctuary in the city. I'm so excited to share my flowers with you! 


Each of our Grow Girl products brings a piece of the garden to you, in a thoughtful and environmentally conscious way. We use organic growing methods, provide green space for pollinators, grow and deliver locally, and use locally made or vintage vases.

How it Works

We sell flowers to the Seattle area through our website, and deliver most items. We also offer monthly flower subscriptions during the spring and summer, for Saturday pickup. 


Through spring, summer, and fall, we're focused on what's growing outside, which we'll share through natural and romantic arrangements that will bring joy to your home, and outdoor potted bulbs that take away the guesswork and add a pop of color to your balcony or stairs. In the winter, we sell indoor potted bulbs like amaryllis planted in vintage containers that will bring warmth to your home during the cold dark months.

Our products are unique and vary by season. You'll find beautiful, tasteful elements that are thoughtfully assembled and so local that you'll feel like your neighbor is dropping by with flowers - I am!

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