LIMITED AVAILABILITY - Enjoy a seasonal tour of flowers at your own pace. Choose 10 weeks out of our 16 weeks of flower subscriptions, punch-card style. Simply look for our weekly emails during our four subscription sessions (early summer, late summer, early autumn, late autumn) and sign up for flowers when you want them.  Customers have asked for an option like this, and we're excited to offer it!


Flowers will include some of our homegrown varieties such as specialty dahlias, scabiosa, snapdragons, lisianthus, roses, campanula, basil, mums, rudbeckia, grasses, seed pods, and more. Additional blooms and foliage will be sourced from West Coast flower farms, including from our friends at Ballard Urban Flowers, and through the local flower farm cooperative, Seattle Wholesale Growers Market. Colors will vary each week and you'll get to savor the magic of thoughtfully arranged local flowers through the seasons, with a note describing your flowers and where they were grown. 


    During each subscription session listed below, you'll receive a weekly email on the Friday prior to delivery. You'll have until Sunday at midnight to sign up. Depending on your neighborhood, your flowers will be delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday (see below). 


    Delivery dates (you will choose 10 of 16 possible weeks): 

    Early summer

    • June 28-29
    • July 5-6
    • July 12-13
    • July 19-20


    Late summer

    • August 9-10
    • August 16-17
    • August 23-24
    • August 30-31


    Early autumn

    • September 13-14
    • September 20-21
    • September 27-28
    • October 4-5

    Late autumn

    • October 10-11
    • October 18-19
    • October 25-26
    • November 1-2


    Doorstep delivery on Tuesdays between 2-6pm to neighborhoods south of Lake Union/Montlake Cut - Magnolia, Interbay, Queen Anne, South Lake Union, Belltown, Downtown, Capitol Hill, Madison Park, Central District. Zip codes: 98199, 98119, 98109, 98102, 98112, 98122, 98121, 98101. 


    Doorstep delivery on Wednesdays between 2-6pm to neighborhoods north of Lake Union/Montlake Cut - Ballard, Fremont, Wallingford, Greenwood, Greenlake, Ravenna, Wedgwood, Sand Point, Laurelhurst. Zip codes: 98117, 98107, 98103, 98115, 98105. 


    Subscription prices include flowers, delivery, packaging, and a weekly note describing flowers received. All of our flowers are designed and delivered with love and care. 


    You can gift your flowers to a friend within our delivery area* up to 2 times, or donate your flowers to the Facing Homelessness Block Project any time. Just notify us by email before midnight on the Sunday prior to delivery. Otherwise have us deliver to your doorstep as normal, and have a friend or neighbor pick up from there. 


    Once you have reached 10 Club Card deliveries, your subscription will cease. Club Card members are responsible for signing up for flowers during 10 of the 16 weeks listed above. If we reach the end of the last subscription session and you have not used all 10, any remaining will expire. Unused deliveries on your 2022 Club Card will not carry forward for future use. Members can only redeem one Club Card item per week. For example, you cannot receive 3 bouquets from your Club Card in the same week. 


    While the Club Card membership provides additional flexibility for our customers, it requires a greater logistical effort on our end to send weekly emails, switch our weekly delivery routes, and adds uncertainty in terms of our weekly flower order quantites. Therefore the weekly cost is slightly higher than that of our 4, 8, and 16-week subscriptions, which have set schedules. However, you will still enjoy a discounted price from our regular single delivery items!


    If for any reason we are not able to fulfill a week, we will notify you and refund that week. 


    *Delivery area includes the following zip codes: 98117, 98107, 98103, 98115, 98105, 98199, 98119, 98109, 98102, 98112, 98122, 98121, 98101.

    10-Week Club Card

    PriceFrom $525.00