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Spring Things

Hello & happy spring! I wanted to send a few spring updates, including our summer & fall flower subscriptions (just posted!), our new podcast Flower Friends, and some spring garden updates and flower photos.

Colorful spring flowers
Recent Event Florals for Wallingford Dinner Party

Flower subscriptions are the heart of my small business, and I've been looking for ways to make them work even better for customers. In response to a survey I sent out to our weekly flower subscribers, I learned that you (1) love local flowers & compostable packaging, (2) definitely like having your flowers delivered (over pick-up), and (3) would like longer subscription periods without having to sign up each month! So I've created some new options for our summer & fall subscriptions that I'm excited about and hope will work well for you. I just posted new subscriptions to the shop and want to give email subscribers the first crack at ordering them since subscriptions have been selling out.

First, you can continue to sign up for 4-week subscriptions if that is what works best for you! We have early summer, late summer, early autumn, and late autumn subscription periods, each 4 weeks long.

Or, you can sign up for an 8-week full season subscription at a discounted weekly price - the summer subscription includes all of the early summer and late summer deliveries, while the fall subscription includes all of the early autumn and late autumn deliveries.

Then we have the 16-week full season pass, which has the best weekly price - take the full season tour of every summer and fall delivery!

Last, we have a 10-week "club card" option, where you can receive flower deliveries on 10 weeks of your choosing during our set 16 weeks of subscriptions. You'll get an email each Friday prior to a subscription week, and you sign up by Sunday night to receive your flowers on Tuesday or Wednesday (delivery day depends on the neighborhood you live in). I wanted to be responsive to customer requests for an option like this, but the club card requires more coordination on our end, so while the weekly price is still less than single delivery options, it costs slightly more per week than the 4-week, 8-week, and 16-week subscriptions.

Since everyone is busy, all subscription/club cards have at least one "gifting" option, where if you're not home for a week you can have me deliver your flowers to a friend who lives within our delivery area. And for each subscription/club card, you can choose from our regular bouquet size (what you've been receiving if you've been a wrapped bouquet subscriber before), a larger bouquet size, or a vase arrangement - in our small or large size.

I'm looking forward to the summer & fall seasons and all the flowers it will bring. I'm growing dahlias, lisianthus, snapdragons, bells of Ireland, roses, scabiosa, foxgloves, zinnias, rudbeckia, heirloom chrysanthemums, and more - all of which are planted, and now we await blooms! I also will be buying in flowers from Ballard Urban Flowers as well as other local PNW farms through Seattle Wholesale Grower's Market. Here are a few photos from last year!

In other news, I started a podcast called Flower Friends where I interview different flower growers, florists, and other flower friends each week, and give updates on my garden space and business. If you like gardening or working with flowers, or just want something fairly relaxing to listen into, check it out wherever you listen to podcasts. You can follow along on Instagram to see when new episodes come out, and to see photos related to each episode.

On the first Flower Friends episode, my husband Vikram interviewed me for a little intro about Grow Girl Seattle, gardening, arranging flowers, and why I am starting a podcast. On the next episode I talked with Hilary Dahl from Seattle Urban Farm Co. about raised garden beds (including their new YouTube series on the subject), edible flowers, favorite flowers to interplant with veggies, and gardening tips for beginners. Next I talked with Janice Groves from Jay's Garden Journal about sheet mulching, which is where you can use cardboard and mulch to cover grass, weeds, or any area you want to turn into garden soil, and let the earthworms and bugs do the work for you without digging! Jay also has a YouTube Channel with garden walkthroughs and several videos on sheet mulching. My good friend Margaret from Ballard Urban Flowers joined for episodes 4 and 5, to impart so much knowledge on seed starting and growing dahlias! Margaret is an amazing local grower who I often source flowers from, and I loved talking to her about her small business and how to fit a lot in a small urban growing space. Wedding florist Paula Pritchard from Paisley Petals joined for episode 6 to chat about her 20+ year career designing for weddings, pricing, planning, and so much more. And my friend and neighbor Jess from Curly Girl Gardens joined to talk about her small business, as well as growing lisianthus and cosmos, and her dried flower art. It's been such a pleasure to chat with each of these guests so far, and there are more amazing guests to come on the first season of Flower Friends! Here are some of the photo from our episodes so far, in order.

It's been a busy spring since Valentine's Day! We did 9 weeks of subscriptions in March and April, single delivery orders, a few elopements and events, and our biggest wedding yet. We just designed flowers for a gorgeous outdoor party last night, and tomorrow will start harvesting our week two flowers for our final spring subscription period. I've held back on doing one-off deliveries for the last month or so, and instead prioritized subscriptions and events. When I have extra flowers I do plan to post them though!

It's been chilly in the garden and I waited a couple extra weeks to plant out my dahlias and get some of our seedlings in. Most of our dahlias are in the ground now, but I'm waiting on ranunculus to finish to get the last bed planted! It's a real puzzle to work out where and when to plant everything in such a small space, especially to try to work in crop rotations to reduce pests and diseases, but any time I can spend in the garden makes me really happy.

The last round of our tulips and daffodils have now finished up, and blooming in the garden right now are anemones, ranunculus, butterfly ranunculus, colibri poppies, and starting this week - bearded iris! May and June are favorite months for me because it's peak peony season - they're a little late this year, but can't wait to include those for our spring subscribers.

I hope you'll grab your subscription if you'd like one before I post them for a larger audience, and I hope you'll have a chance to listen into the podcast or share it with a friend who loves gardening. Thanks so much for your support, and wishing you all the best this spring my flower friends!

Sarah Nayani

Owner, Grow Girl Seattle

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